Thursday, November 14, 2013

Politics and abortion commentary published in USA Today

Jonathan ImbodyPublished in USA Today, November 7, 2013, personal commentary by CMA VP for Government Relations, Jonathan Imbody - If only the GOP would throw up the white flag and surrender "hard-line positions on abortion" and other social issues, they might win like Democrats, suggests a USA editorial ("How GOP candidates can win: Our view," Nov. 6).

If Republicans had followed such advice in the nineteenth century, we would still be trading in slaves.

A 2013 Gallup poll revealed that by at least a 17-point margin, women, independents and young voters all favored the GOP position of making abortion illegal in most cases. The movement against abortion on demand garners even more support when the specific abortion issue is parental consent, partial-birth abortion, second and third trimester abortions and informed consent.

Meanwhile, a Brookings Institution poll found that "Republicans have a better opportunity to attract Democratic defectors with … a socially conservative message than an economically conservative message."

Republicans' socially conservative position on abortion clearly syncs with American voters' values. Yet even if polling on abortion ran counter to the GOP platform, who could ever trust a political party that sacrificed on the altar of political expediency its commitment to the "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?"


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  1. I consider myself morally conservative and socially liberal, and always try to vote "Pro Life". But I also think that there are more issues than abortion to be pro life on! For example, in my understanding restricting gun availability and increasing access to social services in order to care for the poor is also part of being 'pro life', and so have felt compelled to vote Democrat! I hope the Republican party holds onto its conservative moral stance- it is the social side I have issues with.