Thursday, June 19, 2014

Administration moves to enforce same-sex "marriage" ideology

Jonathan ImbodyExcerpted from "Freedom2Care blog posting," "Jackbooted 'Tolerance,'" by Jonathan Imbody, June 6, 2014 - The Obama administration appears prepared to enforce its ideology regarding same-sex marriage with trademark inflexibility and atypical efficiency. Administration officials have begun inserting into federal grants notices and other official policies sweeping new requirements and definitions of marriage.

While the new policies cite as their rationale a need to implement the Supreme Court's recent Windsor decision on same-sex marriage, the way agencies are applying that viewpoint to grants appears aimed at eliminating from the public square any groups that disagree with the administration's ideology.

Exactly what this flood of apparently inflexible new policies means to groups with values that differ from the Obama administration will play out in the upcoming months and meanwhile requires legal analysis. The broad, sweeping language of the new policies make it difficult to determine precisely how and in what specific areas the Obama same-sex doctrine will be applied.

Meanwhile, the outlook appears ominous, for example, for:
  • Faith-based organizations that maintain fidelity to Judeo-Christian sexual norms in their policies and personnel practices.
  • Sexual education programs that emphasize the benefits of saving sex for (traditional) marriage.
  • Adoption agencies that recognize in their policies the benefit to children of having a father and mother.
  • Health organizations that emphasize the health benefits of male-female monogamy.
Policies enforcing the administration's marriage ideology (conveniently couched in the context of Windsor) are cropping up across federal agencies, including this one from the Health Resources Services Administration:
Federal Recognition of Same-sex Spouses/Marriages
[A]ll grant recipients will be subject to a term and condition that instructs grantees to recognize any same-sex marriage legally entered into in a U.S. jurisdiction that recognizes their marriage....
Within days, the Supreme Court will announce its decisions in cases involving the Obama administration's trampling of religious freedom in its drive to enforce its ideology regarding contraception and abortion. The administration's new policies enforcing its ideology regarding same-sex marriage will make good summer reading for the justices, since they can expect a raft of related cases next term.

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    Pray. Pray some more. Then some.
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