Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quebec election may speed euthanasia legalization; doctors protest

Excerpted from "Doctors don't want euthanasia bill revived post-election," CTV Montreal, March 17, 2014) - The provincial election has put the provincial government's euthanasia bill on the back burner, but a group of doctors wants to remind the public about what it believes are the risks of Bill 52.

Doctors for Social Justice was joined by former state of New Hampshire representative Nancy Elliott to speak about why legislators in her state recently rejected its own assisted suicide bill. Dr. Paul Saba, head of Doctors of Social Justice, said if the government were to pass the bill physicians would leave Quebec.

"Some doctors will say no, we cannot be accomplices to this; we will not practice under those conditions," said Dr. Saba. Last year, the World Medical Association adopted a motion saying physician-assisted suicide is unethical and must be condemned by the medical profession.


Richard Johnson
CMDA President Richard E. Johnson, MD – “I have spoken with Dr. Saba, and Larry Worthen, the executive director of CMDS Canada. Both are very concerned about the upcoming election in Quebec. If legislators with a pro-physician-assisted suicide leaning are elected, they fear that it will be very difficult to prevent Bill 52 (legalizing physician-assisted suicide) from passing. The language of this bill is quite broad and will make it very difficult for physicians who oppose it to maintain their freedom of conscience.”


Pray for Dr. Paul Saba and those who are working to prevent the legalization of physician-assisted suicide. Pray for our colleagues in CMDS Canada. Pray for Larry Worthen, who desires to “speak the truth in love” while engaged in the battle. Pray that the public will vote for legislators who value life and keep physician-assisted suicide from becoming law.


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